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We're not a bank. Instead, we connect borrowers with investors through our online marketplace. Loans offered through Helios are made possible by investors, who invest in exchange for solid returns.

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For Investors

Diversify your portfolio and earn solid returns.

Higher returns

Average interest rates fall in a lucrative range of 14% to 30% p.a

Easy tenures

Choose from a set of easy pre-define tenures to suit the purpose.

Regular and stable income

Earn month-on-month returns in the form of principal repayment and interest (EMI).

Benefits of compounding returns

Start earning returns every month which can be re-invested to generate compounding returns.

Diversification of portfolio

Diversification in loan segment can be attained by investing across different borrower risk profiles.

No Intermediaries

No additional hidden costs in investing.


For Borrowers

Connect with investors to take control of your finances.

Fixed-rate loan

Consolidate your debt with a simple, single monthly payment by getting an affordable fixed-rate loan.

Home equity loan

Improve your home, without waiting for a home equity loan or line of credit.

Credit Card Loans

Refinance your credit cards with a personal loan—and look forward to the date you can be debt free.

Fixed installments loan

Cover major unexpected expenses or purchases in fixed installments instead of using a credit card.

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